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What's in a name?

Is it just me, or is naming something really, really hard? I'm a creative gal, so a name needs to mean something, be out of the ordinary, capture who I am.

Naming my kids was nearly impossible - at least their first names. Second names - well the stress is off - almost everyone I know has an odd second name. For me, naming is really putting yourself "out there" - aka - open for judgement.

Naming my practice was similar. I agonized - is it too "froofroo?" Will people connect with it? Will people with diverse experiences feel safe and respected?

Ultimately, I came up with "Centered Fire." Well, maybe saying that "I" came up with it isn't totally accurate. I needed help, and asked for it, and my friends came through with creative suggestions. It was a collaborative effort, which is a general approach I love.

In my private life, I'm an intermediate level potter and beginner clay artist. When throwing on the wheel, the clay needs to be centered. Turns out, you can't center clay without centering yourself. Nothing else can happen.

Similar with healing. I've been taught (and see it in my work over and over again) that healing requires balance. Feeling too much? Work toward calm. Feeling too little? Work toward activation. Thinking too much? Work toward feeling. Emotions taking you away? Work toward thinking. That sort of thing. Balance. Being centered.

Fire? Well again, from the clay world: you work the clay into a shape. That shape is still vulnerable. Putting it through the kiln solidifies the new shape. Gives it strength, durability.

I think about healing again. Fire in this sense for me is that passion, that "Joie de Vie" that is often times missing. We can't live in that state of passionate bliss all the time - life just isn't like that. But for some, accessing their passion and bliss is very difficult. It's that final process of connecting with community, and authentic self. It is the fire that I hope becomes centered inside.

Welcome to Centered Fire. I'm glad you're here.

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Nov 18, 2019

I too have agonized over naming something, especially my son and my work. But naming our work... oh man, that's big. The name has to embody everything we want to communicate, but in a word or two. And the name has to illicit it's intended meaning and/feelings in another, right? Ug. So much pressure.

When I'm finished sending out surveys for my friends and family to "vote" on the possibilities and give feedback on the best name and we have then settled on the name we can then feel good about connecting with clients, customers, etc. Finding the perfect name for your business is to also communicate something about yourself, who you are, who you want to be, what you…


Nov 22, 2018

"Centered Fire" ... so fitting! how many business names so perfectly describe, guide & inspire. Yours does. Congratulations Brenda!

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